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The Delicate Pedals of Pandora - Game
Software: 3ds max, Adobe Photoshop, Ogre3d, Directx
In Game Video Content Breakdown:
Todd Espiritu Santo - Modeled both characters and animated them, textured the girl character, modeled the terrain and floating islands.
Lani Nguyen - Bird model, texture, and animations (her first model!)
"softdistortion" - textured the colossus.
Larry Quach - Colossus avatar.
Henrick Shyu - Gathered free models online for vegetation and Stonehenge.
UCSD Bear model courtesy of UCSD.

Complete Game Credits

This was a 10 week class project to design and make a game. I was responsible for art coordination and working with others to produce something coherent. I spent the first 5 weeks making models and then the last 5 weeks working with other group members and class mates to teach them how to model and get the art assets exported.

I also worked a lot with the other groups in some of the artistic aspects of programming such as the particle systems and donating models (such as Mr. Roboto). To me the important thing in this class was making sure everything was running smoothly, instead of being isolated and only concerned that my one little part looks good.

In modeling, I created a base human figure that could be easily modified to become other characters, since I knew the time constraints would be hard to work with given the size of the project. From here I was able to teach another group member (Lani) how to use 3ds Max and modify the mesh to create other characters. I also worked with outside artist in getting another character model done and getting the textures for the giant bad guy. The animation was done using character studio so that there was a lower learning curve for others to work on animations.

In the end of the class I learned how to work in a group and also how to work beyond just what's in front of you but instead helping others to achieve a common goal.