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The Grand Design - Animation Project
Software: 3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop, Hair FX
Todd Espiritu Santo - Everything (currently)
This is my testing and learning project. It started from taking one of my stories I’ve written a while back and then trying to make it into a 3d animation. For now, I mainly use it to give me subject material to learn and test new tools and approaches to modeling and animating. I also work on workflow issues and have worked on custom tools to make things easier.

My goal is not particularly a final animation as much as it is to gain experience working on a large scale project and problem solving issues such as automating animation, custom face animation setups, rigging, modeling topology for easy management for a small team, particle effects animation, etc. In the future, if I get enough solid material to work with, I do plan on inviting more people to help out with actually building a final animation.

For facial animation I scripted a morph mixing tool that would do a few things I've always wanted in a morphing tool. This first is that it would parse the target names into a left and right attribute that you could toggle to morph semetrical. The next is linking of morph targets into one target. This way you don't need to make a specific "happy" target, and instead can link all a set of targets together. This also allowed for another concept of randomization of the targets. Since the new target only linked a set of morph targets, randomization could be added to the set of morph targets.